Rounding Out September with a $0.99 Sale!

While the kids go back to school and the leaves shift from green to autumn shades of crimson and ochre, the Wedding Heat series goes on hiatus until next Spring.

In the meantime, snag one of the first three ebooks for only $0.99 from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and All Romance ebooks.


"Wedding Heat: One in the Hand" Touches Down!Wedding Heat: One in the Hand introduces many of the main players in the series as they make their way to Maggie and Ed’s luxury wedding resort.  Cora and Dan are an established married couple who get in touch with their inner exhibitionists… with some unexpectedly passionate sex in the car and the parking lot. Could be a good read for couples who like to share their erotica.


Wedding Heat: Two in the Bush bisexual erotica threesomeIn Wedding Heat: Two in the Hand, we meet a curvy girl who’s got a huge crush on one of her co-workers. When they arrive at the wedding resort for Friday night cocktails, she’s giddy with the hope that they’ll finally hook up… until the object of her lust and adoration picks up a gorgeous cougar!  Well, this wouldn’t be erotica if they didn’t all fall into bed together, right? Two eager women, one amazed guy… get ready for an insanely hot bisexual menage story!

Wedding Heat Skinny Dipping gay virgin eroticaThe third story in the series is Wedding Heat: Skinny Dipping.  Here, we’ve got gay, first-time, swimming-naked-in-a-man-made-lake, sex on the beach erotica.  They’re young guys.  One’s got some experience under his belt (oh wait–he’s not wearing a belt. because he’s naked.) and the other one’s a virgin.  It’s a popular story.

And until the end of September you can scoop up all three for just $0.99 each. Yup, you can buy all three of these stories for less than you’d usually pay for just one:



Wedding Heat: One in the Hand

Wedding Heat: Two in the Bush

Wedding Heat: Skinny Dipping



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Cover Me, I’m Goin’ In! Season One is Done. Long Live Season Two!

Did you know the Wedding Heat Series is divided into three “seasons”?

If you’re brand new to the site, you might not know that Wedding Heat is a series of erotic stories sold as individual ebooks.  All these stories take place during Maggie and Ed’s wedding weekend at a luxury woodland resort.  The characters vary from book to book, but they’re all wedding guests–friends and family of the bride and groom.

Okay, that was a bit of misinformation, because some of the characters (like Remi the golf instructor in Wedding Heat: Hole in One, or Alexio and Denny the Spa masseurs from Wedding Heat: Full Service Bridesmaid) are actually resort employees.

Anyhoo, like I said, the Wedding Heat stories are divided into three seasons:

Season One: Friday Evening at the resort.  On Friday, there’s a meet-and-greet cocktail party at the resort’s Boathouse Bar, which is mentioned in most Season One stories. A number of stories start out at the Boathouse and make their way to, oh, say, a library, a lake, a hotel room…

Season Two: Saturday at the resort.  There’s golf and spa stuff in the morning, and then there’s a super-busy night. Not only do guests enjoy a combined rehearsal dinner/reception, but select members of the wedding party get treated to a sweaty stag night or the raunchiest bachelorette do known to all of weddingdom!

Season Three: Sunday is Wedding Day. The bride’s parents insist she marry on a Sunday to compensate for the fact that Maggie and Ed are having the wedding on a dock by a shimmering lake rather than inside a church.  Tea and cucumber sandwiches to follow.  How will the guests sex up the sweetness?

You might be wondering exactly where we are in the production schedule.

ALL Season One ebooks have been released. They are currently on the market, published by eXcessica Publishing and available for sale from a whole bunch of retailers, including Amazon, B&N, Rainbow Ebooks (LGBT titles only), All Romance (except WH: Pretty Cousin), and many more.

Titles in Season One, in order of release:

Wedding Heat: One in the Hand

Wedding Heat: Two in the Bush

Wedding Heat: Skinny Dipping

Wedding Heat: Pretty Cousin

Wedding Heat: MILF of the Groom

Wedding Heat: If the Shoes Fit

New Season, New Covers!

Well, okay, they’re not that different from the old covers.  Same lovely decolletage photo, same general design.  The only real difference is that “Season One” covers had a vibrant background colour and white titles, while “Season Two” covers have a dull background and colourful titles.

For example, “Skinny Dipping” from Season One and “Hole in One” from Season Twofeature Joey and Greg gettin’ it on, so they’re kind of similar, but kind of different. See?  Yeah?  Clever, right? *smirk*

That’s enough Wedding Heat trivia for now.  The next story in the series, Wedding Heat: Full Service Bridesmaid, is MMF menage between Pippa the bridesmaid and two hunky masseurs.  Sexy Spa Morning, coming at’cha August 31, 2012!

Ciao for now!


SEXcerpt from Wedding Heat 1: One in the Hand

I spent last week at the cottage, but while I was away I  scheduled posts to go up every day at my Donuts & Desires blog.  This week I’m bringing those sexy excerpt posts here to the Wedding Heat site.

New installments in the Wedding Heat series are currently in production, but while we’re on hiatus (I always said I started writing Wedding Heat because there was nothing good on TV), enjoy a new excerpt from existing ebooks every day!

Today, a new excerpt from Wedding Heat: One in the Hand.
Forget the happy couple–it’s the guests that make this wedding sizzle!

In One in the Hand, the first book of Giselle Renarde’s
Wedding Heat series, the bride’s aunt Cora and uncle Dan are en route to Maggie and Ed’s weekend-long wedding retreat at a luxury resort.  When Cora tries to get handsy with her hubby in the car and Dan rejects her advances, will it ruin the weekend for Cora?  Or does Dan have a naughty surprise up his sleeve?

WARNINGS: This title contains graphic language and explicit sex–inside, outside, and on the hood of a car.  


Cora looked up at her husband, though the angle was awkward.  The dark lust in his eyes told her everything she needed to know.  It was time.

Bowing into his lap, Cora slipped Dan’s tip fully between her lips, closing her mouth around it and sucking, suckling.  Not too hard, not yet.  She stroked his shaft in tempo, bringing that wonderfully soft skin toward her lips before pulling it back down, pushing and pulling like waves shifting sand on a beach.

“Oh Cor, swallow it.”  Dan flicked her hair away from her face, and that told her he was watching her every move.  And that turned her on beyond belief.  “Move your hands away and just deepthroat it.”

She did as he asked, holding loosely to the base of his cock with one hand and his balls with the other.  That made him gasp.  Maybe he would come soon, though she didn’t want him to, not yet.

After rubbing the tip at the back of her throat, she was ready for anything.  Cora devoured Dan’s cock.  One move.  She just lunged down on the thing, letting it strike the back of her throat where it usually would have made her gag.  It didn’t.  Not this time.  She closed her whole mouth around his length and wetted his hot flesh while she sucked.  She’d never been this wildly turned on while sucking cock.  But, then, when was the last time she’d sucked cock in the front seat of a car?

Suddenly it occurred to Cora that they were in public and quite visible to anyone who might pull into this lot.  She sucked Dan’s dick a little slower, listening intently for other engines, other tires.  Nothing.  Nothing but chirping birds and squirrels calling each other in the trees.

She built up her pace, bobbing in his lap, less and less concerned about where they were.  She just wanted to get him off now.  She wrapped one hand around the base of his shaft and squeezed his balls with the other.  When he gripped the back of the seat, he shook the whole bench and Cora was thrilled.  Between her legs, she felt more wetness building up than she’d managed in ages.  She was turned on sucking cock, and that made her work even harder, stroke him faster, suck like crazy.

“Oh Cor, I gotta fuck you.”  Dan pulled her head from his lap, and her brain seemed to swim inside her skull.

The world looked a little darker than it had before, but that made sense.  The sun was going down.  Going down fast.


Want it?  Wedding Heat: One in the Hand is available all over the damn place, including:


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Wedding Heat also has its own devoted website:

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In One in the Hand, the first book of Giselle Renarde’s Wedding Heat series, the bride’s aunt Cora and uncle Dan are en route to Maggie and Ed’s weekend-long wedding retreat at a luxury resort. When Cora tries to get handsy with her hubby in the car and Dan rejects her advances, will it ruin the weekend for Cora? Or does Dan have a naughty surprise up his sleeve?

WARNINGS: This title contains graphic language and explicit sex–inside, outside, and on the hood of a car.

Pick up your free copy of Wedding Heat: One in the Hand today!

Coming Soon: Wedding Heat

What is Wedding Heat?

Glad you asked!  Wedding Heat is an erotic series by queer Canadian author Giselle Renarde. Starting in late April 2012, a new Wedding Heat title will be released every two weeks or so.  The stories are all centered around Maggie and Ed’s wedding at a luxury woodland resort, but forget the happy couple—it’s the guests that make this wedding sizzle!  There are family, friends, and co-workers of all genders and sexual preferences attending Maggie and Ed’s wedding.  Some are looking for love, some for new experiences, but nobody anticipated the kind of sexual release they would find in the woods.  We’re talking HOT STUFF, so adults only.

Why Wedding Heat?

Lots of readers LOVE weddings, so why not a whole SERIES dedicated to the naughty goings-on at one wedding?  Sure the bride and groom get in on the action, but weddings are about so much more than the happy couple.  Guests flock to weddings with their own expectations, their own baggage, and their own desires.  So, as much as the Wedding Heat series is anchored by the happy couple, it’s really an ongoing tale of the wedding as a whole.  I’m sure most of us have attended more weddings as guests than we have as brides or grooms.

Why a series instead of a book?

I love falling in love with characters on TV and visiting them every week, but with so many reality shows on television now, I find I’m watching TV less and less.  I started asking myself where I could satisfy my need to form those kinds of bonds with fictional characters.  Stories?  A series of stories?  Yes!  Perfect.  That’s why I started writing the Wedding Heat stories.  I figured there were probably other readers in the same boat, people who want something to look forward to as the weeks go by, something to fill that void.  That’s why I decided on short stories–they would take up about the same amount of time as watching a TV show.

Where can I get Wedding Heat stories?

Each installation of Wedding Heat will be sold as an individual ebook from eXcessica Publishing and available through pretty much every major distributor–like Amazon, All Romance, and Barnes & Noble.  Though there are common threads throughout and readers will get the full impact of ongoing plot lines by reading stories in order, the series is written in such a way that you can pick up anywhere and enjoy a really sexy story.

What do the covers look like?

The covers of Wedding Heat titles all look something like this one for the first ebook in the series:

woman in white lace corset and diamante necklace, focus on corset

Wedding Heat titles will hit the market beginning April 2012.  Keep an eye out for them and get in on the action!

Giselle Renarde

Canada just got hotter!