#WeddingHeat Lickity Split: A Lesbian Sploshing Threesome!

Wedding Heat: Lickity Split, the eleventh ebook in the Wedding Heat series, is now available from select retailers!
Bridesmaids Shonette and Kristen are definitely not a couple. They’ve
been sleeping together pretty much forever and they don’t date other
people, but still… the last thing they want is for people to think
they’re lesbians.
The girls tell everyone they’re just friends, but the bride’s cousin
Vanessa is not convinced. Vanessa’s a hardcore dyke, and she can spot
femmes in lust from a mile away. When Shonette denies she loves
Kristen, Vanessa won’t let go. She’s got ice cream and she knows how to
use it.

WARNINGS: This title contains chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry ice cream, bananas, and explicit lesbian threesome sex.

“I must be drunk,” Kristen said, falling back in bed. “Drunk, or dreaming.”

“Tell yourself whatever it takes to get that sheet down.” Vanessa mixed
the chocolate ice cream into a sweet paste. “Come on, Krissy. Show us
your tits.”

“Go to hell!”

“Show us your tits.”


“Show us your tits.”

Shonette caught the fever. “Yeah, show us your tits.”

“Fine,” Kristen said, like a brat. “You want to see my tits? Here!”

When Kristen flipped down the sheet, Shonette’s pussy pounded. She’d
seen that body countless times. It wasn’t usually this exciting.
Something about Vanessa standing there in the corner, staring at that
body she’d never wanted to share… it was strangely exciting.

“Hold her down,” Vanessa said. “Take off your panties and sit on her face.”

Never in her life had Shonette been in a situation like this. Without
thinking, she pushed down her underpants. Should she take off her bra
too? No, not without Vanessa’s instruction. She’d do what she was
told. Nothing more, nothing less.


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