More Full Service Retailers for Wedding Heat’s Bridesmaid

(and the difference between MFM and MMF menage)

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Just a quick little love note to tell you Wedding Heat: Full Service Bridesmaid is now available from even more e-tailers.

You might notice, if you’re shopping around, that Full Service Bridesmaid is categorized as MFM menage some places and MMF menage other places.  Well, that’s because some stories (like this one) are a hard to classify.

Generally speaking, I’d consider MFM menage the kind of story where two men are focused on one woman and those dudes don’t want to touch, much less look at each other.  MMF menage, on the other hand, will involve men who have sex with men.  There could be touching, kissing, sucking, fucking, etc between the guys and the girl.

In Wedding Heat: Full Service Bridesmaid, our maid of honour Pippa is the centre of attention for two hunky masseurs.  The erotic activity is focused entirely on her, except (adult content warning!) when she’s wondering if Alexio’s tongue is touching Denny’s dick while he’s licking her clit.  Woo!  She can’t much move to see because her wrists are secured behind her back with Denny’s belt.  Woo-hoo!

But here’s the thing: at one point in the story, Denny identifies as bisexual and Alexio admits to having sex with men.  So these aren’t “straight guys” by any stretch of the imagination.  In this story, they just happen to be focused on Pippa’s pleasure.

So… does that make Full Service Bridesmaid an MFM story? Or MMF?  It’s tricky.

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New Release! Wedding Heat: Full Service Bridesmaid

At long last, after production delays and other headaches, Wedding Heat: Full Service Bridesmaid is available from select retailers!

Wedding Heat: Full Service Bridesmaid is the first MFM menage story in the series.  Many readers love hunky dudes, so that’s what we’ve got: two masseurs for one lonely Pippa.  Of course, she’s in the market for more than just a massage.

Forget the happy couple—it’s the guests that make this wedding sizzle!

Pippa came to Maggie’s wedding alone.  As the Maid of Honour, she figured she’d have no trouble hooking up.  Has she set her sights too high, or is there something wrong with her?  Nobody seems interested… at least, not until Saturday Spa Morning when she schedules a “full service” massage with two gorgeous guys…

WARNINGS: This title contains graphic massage, hard muscles, light bondage, and explicit MMF ménage.

Word Count: 10,000



“And what about my cock?” Alexio asked as he pushed his shorts and underwear past his knees.  “Denny, she wants to touch it, doesn’t she?  She wants to run her hands all over my body, but she’ll keep coming back to my cock.  She’ll pump it in her fist until it explodes all over her naked body.”

“Oh my god, yes.”  Pippa could hardly breathe and listen at the same time.  Her arousal was through the roof.  She felt stupid, she was so turned on by these guys.  “Yes, I want to touch it.”

“Well, that’s too bad,” Denny said as he hopped up on the massage table, sitting right behind her.  She could feel his heat at her back, but she was shocked when he grabbed both arms and brought them behind her body.  “Hold them here while I tie your wrists together.”

“Tie my wrists?”  That was the last thing she’d expected, but when she felt the firm press she realized he was securing her with his own belt.  Pippa squirmed until she was sitting up very straight.  Flattening her palms against the table, she leaned back slightly for balance.  “But how can I touch you?”

“You can’t,” Denny replied.  He was moving in closer now, so close she could feel the heavy press of his balls against the tops of her splayed fingers.  “You belong to us, just like you wanted.”

Exactly like I wanted.  Pippa wriggled her fingers, jostling Denny’s big balls while Alexio retrieved that fragrant oil from the cabinet.  His hard cock bounced as he walked, and any other day that would have made Pippa laugh.  Today, she had to be on her best behaviour, and good girls didn’t laugh at bad boys’ bouncing dicks.

“I know what Pippa wants,” Alexio said, confidently enough that she believed him.  “She wants to watch me stroke my massive cock.”

Well, she couldn’t argue there!

“Yes,” Pippa said, nodding as Denny grabbed her thighs.  He somehow managed to move himself forward until she was half sitting on him with her legs spread and calves wrapped over his knees.  She shrieked as he jostled her, but didn’t ask him to stop.  He probably wouldn’t have, anyway.

“I think there is something more Pippa wants.”  Alexio popped the cap on that sensual oil and drizzled a generous amount across her breasts.  The rivulets crept their way between her tits.  “She wants you to caress her pretty parts while I touch my cock.”

“Oh, please yes!”  Pippa wasn’t above begging.  “Please touch me.”

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