New Release! Wedding Heat: Full Service Bridesmaid

At long last, after production delays and other headaches, Wedding Heat: Full Service Bridesmaid is available from select retailers!

Wedding Heat: Full Service Bridesmaid is the first MFM menage story in the series.  Many readers love hunky dudes, so that’s what we’ve got: two masseurs for one lonely Pippa.  Of course, she’s in the market for more than just a massage.

Forget the happy couple—it’s the guests that make this wedding sizzle!

Pippa came to Maggie’s wedding alone.  As the Maid of Honour, she figured she’d have no trouble hooking up.  Has she set her sights too high, or is there something wrong with her?  Nobody seems interested… at least, not until Saturday Spa Morning when she schedules a “full service” massage with two gorgeous guys…

WARNINGS: This title contains graphic massage, hard muscles, light bondage, and explicit MMF ménage.

Word Count: 10,000



“And what about my cock?” Alexio asked as he pushed his shorts and underwear past his knees.  “Denny, she wants to touch it, doesn’t she?  She wants to run her hands all over my body, but she’ll keep coming back to my cock.  She’ll pump it in her fist until it explodes all over her naked body.”

“Oh my god, yes.”  Pippa could hardly breathe and listen at the same time.  Her arousal was through the roof.  She felt stupid, she was so turned on by these guys.  “Yes, I want to touch it.”

“Well, that’s too bad,” Denny said as he hopped up on the massage table, sitting right behind her.  She could feel his heat at her back, but she was shocked when he grabbed both arms and brought them behind her body.  “Hold them here while I tie your wrists together.”

“Tie my wrists?”  That was the last thing she’d expected, but when she felt the firm press she realized he was securing her with his own belt.  Pippa squirmed until she was sitting up very straight.  Flattening her palms against the table, she leaned back slightly for balance.  “But how can I touch you?”

“You can’t,” Denny replied.  He was moving in closer now, so close she could feel the heavy press of his balls against the tops of her splayed fingers.  “You belong to us, just like you wanted.”

Exactly like I wanted.  Pippa wriggled her fingers, jostling Denny’s big balls while Alexio retrieved that fragrant oil from the cabinet.  His hard cock bounced as he walked, and any other day that would have made Pippa laugh.  Today, she had to be on her best behaviour, and good girls didn’t laugh at bad boys’ bouncing dicks.

“I know what Pippa wants,” Alexio said, confidently enough that she believed him.  “She wants to watch me stroke my massive cock.”

Well, she couldn’t argue there!

“Yes,” Pippa said, nodding as Denny grabbed her thighs.  He somehow managed to move himself forward until she was half sitting on him with her legs spread and calves wrapped over his knees.  She shrieked as he jostled her, but didn’t ask him to stop.  He probably wouldn’t have, anyway.

“I think there is something more Pippa wants.”  Alexio popped the cap on that sensual oil and drizzled a generous amount across her breasts.  The rivulets crept their way between her tits.  “She wants you to caress her pretty parts while I touch my cock.”

“Oh, please yes!”  Pippa wasn’t above begging.  “Please touch me.”

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Cover Me, I’m Goin’ In! Season One is Done. Long Live Season Two!

Did you know the Wedding Heat Series is divided into three “seasons”?

If you’re brand new to the site, you might not know that Wedding Heat is a series of erotic stories sold as individual ebooks.  All these stories take place during Maggie and Ed’s wedding weekend at a luxury woodland resort.  The characters vary from book to book, but they’re all wedding guests–friends and family of the bride and groom.

Okay, that was a bit of misinformation, because some of the characters (like Remi the golf instructor in Wedding Heat: Hole in One, or Alexio and Denny the Spa masseurs from Wedding Heat: Full Service Bridesmaid) are actually resort employees.

Anyhoo, like I said, the Wedding Heat stories are divided into three seasons:

Season One: Friday Evening at the resort.  On Friday, there’s a meet-and-greet cocktail party at the resort’s Boathouse Bar, which is mentioned in most Season One stories. A number of stories start out at the Boathouse and make their way to, oh, say, a library, a lake, a hotel room…

Season Two: Saturday at the resort.  There’s golf and spa stuff in the morning, and then there’s a super-busy night. Not only do guests enjoy a combined rehearsal dinner/reception, but select members of the wedding party get treated to a sweaty stag night or the raunchiest bachelorette do known to all of weddingdom!

Season Three: Sunday is Wedding Day. The bride’s parents insist she marry on a Sunday to compensate for the fact that Maggie and Ed are having the wedding on a dock by a shimmering lake rather than inside a church.  Tea and cucumber sandwiches to follow.  How will the guests sex up the sweetness?

You might be wondering exactly where we are in the production schedule.

ALL Season One ebooks have been released. They are currently on the market, published by eXcessica Publishing and available for sale from a whole bunch of retailers, including Amazon, B&N, Rainbow Ebooks (LGBT titles only), All Romance (except WH: Pretty Cousin), and many more.

Titles in Season One, in order of release:

Wedding Heat: One in the Hand

Wedding Heat: Two in the Bush

Wedding Heat: Skinny Dipping

Wedding Heat: Pretty Cousin

Wedding Heat: MILF of the Groom

Wedding Heat: If the Shoes Fit

New Season, New Covers!

Well, okay, they’re not that different from the old covers.  Same lovely decolletage photo, same general design.  The only real difference is that “Season One” covers had a vibrant background colour and white titles, while “Season Two” covers have a dull background and colourful titles.

For example, “Skinny Dipping” from Season One and “Hole in One” from Season Twofeature Joey and Greg gettin’ it on, so they’re kind of similar, but kind of different. See?  Yeah?  Clever, right? *smirk*

That’s enough Wedding Heat trivia for now.  The next story in the series, Wedding Heat: Full Service Bridesmaid, is MMF menage between Pippa the bridesmaid and two hunky masseurs.  Sexy Spa Morning, coming at’cha August 31, 2012!

Ciao for now!


New Release! Wedding Heat: Hole In One (MMM)

It doesn’t usually take me 24 hours to start promoting a new Wedding Heat story, but the other night I had a bit of a kitchen mishap that resulted in a LOT of lost blood and a fainting spell.

Anyway, that little setback delayed everything I had to accomplish, so I’m only now getting around to promoting the start of Wedding Heat’s “second season” (meaning Saturday of Maggie and Ed’s wedding weekend) with Wedding Heat: Hole In One.  Joey and Greg were so popular in “Skinny Dipping” that I brought them back for a threesome with the golf instructor!

Forget the happy couple—it’s the guests that make this wedding sizzle!

Joey was a virgin until last night, when he met Greg.  Now Greg’s teaching Joey a thing or two about golf… until Remi the resort instructor tries to take over. Joey’s caught in the middle, and he can’t escape these hot, horny, surprisingly dominant men.  When they get Joey behind the tree line, all he can do is surrender to their lust.  

WARNINGS: This title contains graphic language, outdoor sex, naughty golf clubs, and MMM ménage.

Word Count: 10,000



Greg’s voice was thin and high when he offered Joey’s golf club to Remi.  “I guess you’ll be wanting this back, huh?”

Remi grabbed the club, but he didn’t look angry or upset.  In fact, he even laughed at the condom Greg had lovingly wrapped over the grip.  “This is a novel idea, boys.”

With a nervous chuckle, Greg said, “Yeah, thanks.”

“Why don’t you take a seat over by your friend’s face, huh?”  Remi grabbed the lube and drizzled even more down Joey’s ass crack.  “I think I can take it from here.”

Joey heard himself whimper, but his embarrassment melted away when Greg eased down in front of him on the mossy rock.  The sight of that purple-headed monster made him moan, and he didn’t feel ashamed of that noise at all.

“I want you to suck your friend’s dick, Joey.”

He turned his head just in time to see Remi lifting the golf club, angling it, aiming it right at his waiting ass.  Gulping, he squeaked, “Okay.”

Right away, Greg smacked the side of Joey’s head.  “Friend?  I thought I was more than just a friend.”

“You are!” Joey stammered, feeling like the monkey in the middle.

Greg held his hard-on by the base, flicking it at Joey’s lips.  “Prove it.”

When Joey tasted Greg’s salty-sweet precum on his lips, that was the end.  He opened his mouth, wrapping it around Greg’s pulsing cockhead, and he sucked.

Groaning, Greg ran a hand through Joey’s hair.  “Oh yeah.  Oh fuck that’s good, Joey.  Keep going.”
Those words of encouragement urged him to suck harder, and he did.  He sucked that mushroom tip with all his might, so hard Greg hissed and pushed his head away.  “Too much, dude.  Not so hard.”

“Sorry,” Joey said, feeling his neck and his ears glowing with humiliation.

He was about to try again when Greg palmed his forehead.  “Nah, nah, not yet. You gotta kiss it better first.”

From behind, Remi chuckled.  The deep rumble of Remi’s voice thundered through Joey’s gut, making his dick jump against his belly.

“Yeah, kiss it,” Remi taunted, like he was on Greg’s team now, like they’d planned this encounter.  “Kiss your boyfriend’s dick.”


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