SEXcerpt from Wedding Heat: If the Shoes Fit

Ah, transgender fiction is close to my heart.  Ah, this character Farrah is close to my heart. Ah, this foot fetish story is close to my heart!

Farrah fell in love with Lane a long time ago. He was a family friend, a little older. She was a teenager—and a boy, back then. When she confessed her love to Lane, he disappeared from the family’s life.

Since those days of teenaged angst, Farrah has come to identify as a woman. Her transition is well underway when she arrives at her niece Maggie’s wedding weekend. Though the family’s all there, the last person Farrah expects to see is Lane—a little older, more dashing than ever.

The love she felt for him in her youth surges to the fore, and she knows this is the man she’ll build a life with. But will Lane’s secrets drive Farrah away for good?

WARNINGS: This title contains graphic language, shoe fetish, and orgasmic toe-sucking.


Raising one foot off the floor, she set it in his lap so the substantial heel pressed into his thigh, causing a little indent.  “Explain it to me, Lane.  What do you love about shoes?”

“It’s not just the shoes, strictly speaking.”  He couldn’t seem to take his eyes off the arch of her leg.  “It’s the foot in the shoe, and the ankle, and the calf.  It’s the rub of bare skin, bare flesh, against the inside of the thing, or else the silky sheen of hosiery.  It’s a complicated brew.”

“Sounds like it,” Farrah said with a smirk.  She probably didn’t need to push her dress down so he couldn’t see up the skirt, but she did anyway, just in case.  It’s not like he’d see anything even if he did look, but that almost wasn’t the point.  She wasn’t really sure what the point was.

“May I?” he asked, both hands hovering around her ankle like he was about to throttle it.

She said yes, even though she wasn’t quite sure what she was saying yes to.  This was Lane.  It didn’t matter.  She’d do anything for him.

“God.”  Lane moaned as he circled his fingers around her ankle, feeling up and down her calf like he was pumping a giant cock.  “Oh Farrah, you have beautiful legs.”

“Thank you, Lane.”  She wondered if he was thinking about what her beautiful legs had looked like when she was young, when she was a boy.  They’d been hairier then, of course, but now she had them waxed.  Hurt like hell, but this damn body came with too much to shave.

“Can I take off your shoe?” he asked.

She shrugged.  “Sure, I guess.”

“Can I smell it?”


SEXcerpt from Wedding Heat 5: MILF of the Groom

I wanted to write an older woman who shared many concerns about her body that real-world women have.  Everybody thinks Ellora’s gorgeous, and okay she’s ready to agree she’s not bad looking, but years after her husband’s death she has fears about getting sexual with a new man.

Okay, let’s put it all on the table: sometimes when she sneezes or laughs a little too hard… well, you know, there might be a little leakage.  Oh god, what if that happened when she was with a man?  Especially a young man like her son’s business partner Russ…

The family’s been spreading vile rumours about Ellora, mother of the groom.

When Ellora overhears these rumours repeated during Friday night cocktails in honour of her son’s wedding, she flees the Boathouse bar in tears. Luckily, there’s a young man outside with shoulders huge enough to cry on all night long.

Her son’s business partner Russ is more than just a hulking body—he’s the strong and sensitive type. Just what Ellora needs right now. And, though her looks have earned her the title “MILF of the groom,” Russ is the only man who makes her tremble.

But will Ellora’s fears about sharing her aging body with a younger man prevent their desires from blossoming?

WARNINGS: This title contains graphic language and explicit sex between an older woman and a younger man.

Every time Russ squeezed Ellora’s breasts, she watched the muscles in his arms and back tense, then release.  His body was a godly machine, and she couldn’t get enough.  When he pinched her nipples, streams of energy shot to her clit, pushing her ever closer to that high-fenced border, the one she hadn’t dared to cross in so long.

The ache in her core grew hotter with every lick, and when he sucked her clit into his sizzling mouth, she was sure she couldn’t keep quiet.  It felt so good, oh so wonderfully amazingly good.  How could she hold back?

Ellora tried to pull away, to squirm from her impending orgasm, but Russ released her breasts and wrapped his arms firmly around her waist.  He went at her like crazy, sucking her clit and shaking his head side to side.  His saliva pooled in her pussy, making her so wet the juice actually slid down her crack to coat the fine leather under her bum.

Everything was slippery now, and she bucked against his face, holding his head and riding his tongue.  “Oh Russ!”

He made a noise like an animal, a growling sort of moan, and pressed his meaty tongue flat against her pussy.  She writhed on it, circling her hips while he pinched her tits.  Oh, his fingertips were so scorching hot every press of them against her tender nipples brought shuddering shocks straight down to her cunt.

“Yes!”  She held his head, wrapping her legs around his massive back.  “Yes, Russ, oh God yes!”

Her heels clacked together when she tried to cross her ankles, so she pushed them under the waistband of his khakis.  When he licked, she kicked, driving her heels into his muscular ass cheeks, making him wince and growl and tear at her pussy lips with his teeth.

“Oh yes,” she cried, kicking him, making him hiss.  “Yes, Russ, don’t stop!”

He worked her clit with his mouth, drawing out that heavy buzzing orgasm sitting like a weight at the base of Ellora’s pelvis.  She felt it twinging, like an itch that could only be scratched by a man’s hot tongue.  The more he licked, the heavier it became, until she felt she could no longer support it.

The pressure built, higher and higher, moving in her belly, shifting toward her clit.  Grinding against his stalwart face, she brought herself closer, so close, almost there…

And then, “Oh, stop!”


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SEXcerpt from Wedding Heat 4: Pretty Cousin

This is the ebook you can’t find everywhere.  Because it involves two cousins engaging in hot lesbian sex (after finding out they’re not actually blood relatives at all), it falls into that “pseudo-incest” category certain retailers now shy away from.

Alas and alack.

Vanessa’s had a crush on her cousin Maggie since before she knew what love was. They were inseparable growing up—that is, until Vanessa came out as lesbian.  That confession sparked a rift between the girls that stretched out more than ten years

Two days before Maggie’s wedding, she meets up with Vanessa for the first
time since they were teenagers and makes a confession of her own: Maggie’s mother was adopted by Vanessa’s grandparents.  They aren’t related, not by blood.  They aren’t really cousins at all.

Will Vanessa give in to her lust and try to seduce Maggie so close to the wedding?  Or will Maggie give Vanessa no choice?

WARNINGS: This title contains graphic language and explicit lesbian sex between non-blood-related cousins.



“I love you, baby.”  Vanessa kissed Maggie’s cheek, kissed her ear and her hair.  “Oh god, your skin’s so sweet.”

“I dream about you,” Maggie admitted, arching against Vanessa’s thigh.  God, her pussy was wonderfully wet.  “I dream about you sucking my tits.”

Without a word, Vanessa shifted down Maggie’s body.  She still had hold of the girl’s wrists, and there was power in that connection.  When she wrapped her mouth around Maggie’s nipple, they both moaned.  Vanessa loved the feeling of a hard tit pressing against her tongue.  She loved licking and sucking, and it didn’t matter what.

“Oh my god, Mags.”  Vanessa shifted to the other tit.  “You have the best boobs ever.  They’re so fucking huge and soft and perfect.”

“Yeah, suck them Ness.  Make it hurt.”

Vanessa bit her cousin’s tits, just nipping at first, and then really going at them.  “I’d do anything for you, babe.”

“Come for me,” Maggie begged.  “Whatever it takes, I don’t care, I’ll do it.  Want me to eat your pussy?”

That word, pussy, on Maggie’s tongue made Vanessa surge with arousal, but as much as she loved giving head she really wasn’t big on getting it.

“I’ll do anything you want,” Maggie whispered, her voice a desperate appeal.  “Anything!”


I think this one’s my favourite of the series so far. :-)

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SEXcerpt from Wedding Heat 3: Skinny Dipping

If you’ve already read Wedding Heat: Skinny Dipping, you might be interested to know that Greg and Joey will be back soon in the 7th Wedding Heat story, Hole In One.  Actually, Joey gets double-teamed by Greg and a golf instructor!  Look for it August 3rd. :-)
For now, Wedding Heat: Skinny Dipping Blurb

Joey’s a virgin.  That’s not the sort of thing he’d admit to most people, but when he meets Greg at his cousin Maggie’s luxury woodland wedding retreat, he finds himself freely admitting to this embarrassing quality.  Joey and Greg hit it off right away, teasing and taunting each other, but when Greg casually mentions that he’s gay, Joey isn’t sure how to react… not until a bunch of the guys strip naked for midnight skinny dipping in the man-made lake.  Something tells Joey he won’t be a virgin for long!

He’d never touched another guy’s dick.  Sure he knew what to do with his own, but would that be good enough for Greg?  This guy was obviously experienced.

Grasping Greg’s shoulder, Joey searched underwater, splaying his hand against Greg’s belly and following it like a pathway.  Everything was smooth, so smooth, and he shuddered when softness met hardness.  With his fingertips, he played along the topside of Greg’s shaft, then traced his thumb around the super-soft skin of that bulbous cockhead.

“Oh fuck,” Greg gasped, shivering and shaking, bucking closer to Joey’s body.  “Fuck, that’s good.  Yeah, wrap your hand around it.”

Greg tightened his grip on Joey’s cock to get the message across, and Joey heard it loud and clear.  He closed his hand around Greg’s cock the way he would if he were jerking off, holding that hard shaft at the base and pulling on it so the skin covered Greg’s cockhead.

There was something wonderfully familiar about touching another guy’s dick.  It was almost like touching his own, but not the same.  Familiar, but strange, exciting, and it gave him a sense of accomplishment.  Joey’s heart raced, pounding in his ears like the water lapping against his chest.  He pulled on Greg’s cock hard and fast—maybe too hard, maybe too fast.

“I’m gonna fucking come,” Greg said, his voice a whispered whine.

“What, already?”

But it seemed like Greg couldn’t hear him.  “Fuck, I’m gonna come.” Greg’s eyes pinched closed.  “I’m gonna come so fucking hard all over your fucking hand.”

The very idea of Greg spurting jizz all over him made Joey’s cock surge against Greg’s fist.  He could feel himself approaching that itch, that edge, but every time he got close he seemed to back off, and he realized it was the alcohol’s fault.  He’d drunk a hell of a lot more than Greg had.

“Yeah, fuck me,” Greg whimpered, his voice small, almost inaudible.  His fist wouldn’t quit, shuttling wildly up and down Joey’s shaft as Joey returned the favour, pushing and pulling at record speed.  All the while, Greg repeated, “Yeah fuck me, yeah fuck me, yeah fuck me…”

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SEXcerpt from Wedding Heat 2: Two in the Bush

Did you know that every story in “season one” of the Wedding Heat series (ie. the first 6 ebooks) takes place on Friday night?  Maggie and Ed’s wedding weekend is a 3-day affair. First season’s Friday, Second is Saturday, Third is Sunday.

Now you know!

Today we’ve got a hot excerpt from the second ebook, Wedding Heat: Two in the Hand.

Forget the happy couple—it’s the guests that make this wedding sizzle!

Irene has been in love with her co-worker Brian for years, but she’s never worked up the courage to tell him.  When Maggie, a friend from the office, invites them to her wedding weekend at a woodland resort, Irene convinces Brian to share a room.  Just when Irene is gearing up to make her move, she stumbles upon Brian making out with a beautiful stranger, Denitsa.  Irene is crushed… until Denitsa finds a shocking way to bring the co-workers together. 
WARNINGS: This title contains graphic language and explicit descriptions of crinolines, crushes, F/F sex and MFF ménage.EXCERPT:

“Oh god, you’re killing me,” Brian said in the most tortured voice Irene had ever heard from him.  “I gotta see you both naked.”

That word, both, made Irene’s heart race.  Alone she was invisible, but paired with Denitsa she was desirable.  For now, that was good enough.

“Undress me, sweet thing.”  Denitsa arched away from Irene and stood beside the bed.  She was still wearing dangerously high heels, which made the already tall woman look like a giant.  “Come, my darling.  Take off my dress.”

“I’ll do it,” Brian offered, bouncing off his bed.

Denitsa pushed his shoulder with just the tips of her fingers and he stumbled backward onto the mattress.  “The lady in red will do it.”

Irene felt a blush coming on, which was pretty amazing considering how hot she was already.  Sliding off the bed, she stood on wobbly knees, feeling all the crinolines in her Minnie Mouse dress.  She sensed Brian’s eyes burning a hole in her arms as she reached up for the straps of Denitsa’s dress and then pulled them down over those golden shoulders.

“Wow.”  Irene watched breathlessly as the V-neck of Denitsa’s dress tumbled down her breasts, hanging for a moment on her pursed nipples before slipping to settle against her wide hips.

“Holy Mother.”  Brian sounded choked, throttled even.  “I’m gonna jizz my pants.”

But Brian’s voice was just background noise.  Irene couldn’t steal her gaze away from those golden breasts with their dark pinky-brown nipples.  She heard their call, and she answered with her mouth.

In flats, Irene was pretty much at eye level with Denitsa’s big bare breasts.  She tilted her head just a bit, just so Brian could get a better look as she opened her mouth for Denitsa’s nipple.

“Oh, my sweet little angel!”  Denitsa hissed when Irene sucked her tit, wrapping both hands tentatively around her hips.  Denitsa’s skin was sweet, hot, and soft, an erotic contrast to the erect nipple pressing into Irene’s tongue.  “Wonderful, darling.  You are so beautiful and so wonderful.”

Irene’s heart thumped wildly at the compliments.  When she pulled away to say thank you, she saw that her lipstick had left a red ring around Denitsa’s nipple.  The sight made her knees weak.  It was like a temporary tattoo that she’d placed on the other woman’s skin.  For some strange reason, it made her feel like she could do anything.

“Are you jealous of the lady in red?” Denitsa asked with a swift nod in Brian’s direction.  “You want to suck my tits too?”


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SEXcerpt from Wedding Heat 1: One in the Hand

I spent last week at the cottage, but while I was away I  scheduled posts to go up every day at my Donuts & Desires blog.  This week I’m bringing those sexy excerpt posts here to the Wedding Heat site.

New installments in the Wedding Heat series are currently in production, but while we’re on hiatus (I always said I started writing Wedding Heat because there was nothing good on TV), enjoy a new excerpt from existing ebooks every day!

Today, a new excerpt from Wedding Heat: One in the Hand.
Forget the happy couple–it’s the guests that make this wedding sizzle!

In One in the Hand, the first book of Giselle Renarde’s
Wedding Heat series, the bride’s aunt Cora and uncle Dan are en route to Maggie and Ed’s weekend-long wedding retreat at a luxury resort.  When Cora tries to get handsy with her hubby in the car and Dan rejects her advances, will it ruin the weekend for Cora?  Or does Dan have a naughty surprise up his sleeve?

WARNINGS: This title contains graphic language and explicit sex–inside, outside, and on the hood of a car.  


Cora looked up at her husband, though the angle was awkward.  The dark lust in his eyes told her everything she needed to know.  It was time.

Bowing into his lap, Cora slipped Dan’s tip fully between her lips, closing her mouth around it and sucking, suckling.  Not too hard, not yet.  She stroked his shaft in tempo, bringing that wonderfully soft skin toward her lips before pulling it back down, pushing and pulling like waves shifting sand on a beach.

“Oh Cor, swallow it.”  Dan flicked her hair away from her face, and that told her he was watching her every move.  And that turned her on beyond belief.  “Move your hands away and just deepthroat it.”

She did as he asked, holding loosely to the base of his cock with one hand and his balls with the other.  That made him gasp.  Maybe he would come soon, though she didn’t want him to, not yet.

After rubbing the tip at the back of her throat, she was ready for anything.  Cora devoured Dan’s cock.  One move.  She just lunged down on the thing, letting it strike the back of her throat where it usually would have made her gag.  It didn’t.  Not this time.  She closed her whole mouth around his length and wetted his hot flesh while she sucked.  She’d never been this wildly turned on while sucking cock.  But, then, when was the last time she’d sucked cock in the front seat of a car?

Suddenly it occurred to Cora that they were in public and quite visible to anyone who might pull into this lot.  She sucked Dan’s dick a little slower, listening intently for other engines, other tires.  Nothing.  Nothing but chirping birds and squirrels calling each other in the trees.

She built up her pace, bobbing in his lap, less and less concerned about where they were.  She just wanted to get him off now.  She wrapped one hand around the base of his shaft and squeezed his balls with the other.  When he gripped the back of the seat, he shook the whole bench and Cora was thrilled.  Between her legs, she felt more wetness building up than she’d managed in ages.  She was turned on sucking cock, and that made her work even harder, stroke him faster, suck like crazy.

“Oh Cor, I gotta fuck you.”  Dan pulled her head from his lap, and her brain seemed to swim inside her skull.

The world looked a little darker than it had before, but that made sense.  The sun was going down.  Going down fast.


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Important Info for Customers of 1PFR & 1 Erotica Ebooks

As you’ve probably heard by now, specialty ebook retailers 1 Place for Romance and 1 Erotica Ebooks have closed their doors.  If you’ve purchased a Wedding Heat story or anything else from either site, you have until August 15, 2012 to claim your purchase, as outline in the following email:

Thank you very much for being a customer of 1PlaceForRomance, 1RomanceEbooks and/or 1EroticaEbooks .


We have closed our sites to new sales as of today. The sites will remain up until August 15, 2012 for you to download your previous purchases. On or about August 15, you will no longer have access.


We wish you the best of joy and happiness,


Jeff Hicks

The links posted here at the Wedding Heat website to these two sites still seem to be active, but I can’t find a way to purchase books.  So if you happened to follow a link and were then surprised or frustrated that you couldn’t make a purchase, that’s why. 

Bye bye, 1PFR & 1 Erotica!  It’s been fun.




“If the Shoes Fit” Now Available from Amazon, UK, Barnes & Noble

Farrah fell in love with Lane a long time ago. He was a family friend, a little older. She was a teenager—and a boy, back then. When she confessed her love to Lane, he disappeared from the family’s life.

Since those days of teenaged angst, Farrah has come to identify as a woman. Her transition is well underway when she arrives at her niece Maggie’s wedding weekend. Though the family’s all there, the last person Farrah expects to see is Lane—a little older, more dashing than ever.

The love she felt for him in her youth surges to the fore, and she knows this is the man she’ll build a life with. But will Lane’s secrets drive Farrah away for good?

Wedding Heat: If the Shoes Fit is now available from


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“If the Shoes Fit” take ’em off and he’ll suck those toes!

I’m pretty sure my girl and I aren’t the only people in the world with sensitive tootsies.  Toe-sucking is quite simply AMAZING, and my personal enjoyment certainly came into play when I wrote the newest story in the Wedding Heat collection, Wedding Heat: If the Shoes Fit.

This is the story of Farrah and Lane’s sweet and sensual reunion.  As you may recall from other stories in the collection, Farrah is male-to-female transsexual.  She hasn’t seen Lane since she was a teenaged boy, and boy oh boy things have changed since then!

The sensual aspect of Wedding Heat: If the Shoes Fit focuses on feet, shoes, toes, as well as the relationship between our feet and our bodies as a whole.  Kind of perfect for Farrah, who has been objectified and used by so many men that she  isn’t comfortable sharing her body with Lane just yet.

But Lane’s got secrets of his own, and the poor guy’s afraid Farrah will take off if she finds out.


Farrah fell in love with Lane a long time ago. He was a family friend, a little older. She was a teenager—and a boy, back then. When she confessed her love to Lane, he disappeared from the family’s life.

Since those days of teenaged angst, Farrah has come to identify as a woman. Her transition is well underway when she arrives at her niece Maggie’s wedding weekend. Though the family’s all there, the last person Farrah expects to see is Lane—a little older, more dashing than ever.

The love she felt for him in her youth surges to the fore, and she knows this is the man she’ll build a life with. But will Lane’s secrets drive Farrah away for good?

WARNINGS: This title contains graphic language, shoe fetish, and orgasmic toe-sucking.

And here’s a little EXCERPT.  They walk into the woods and climb up to a very glamorous bird hide:

There was so much lust between them it was filling this bird hide like steam in a shower stall.

She took a step away from him, even though she really wanted to move closer.  Astonishingly, there was a Persian rug across the floor, a lovely little table, some chairs, a velvet ottoman, even what seemed like a futon draped with a satin coverlet.  Above their heads was a glowing light fixture at the centre of the ceiling.  Extending out from the fixture to the four corners, a shimmering fabric gave this hideaway the feel of a little palace.  Luxury in the wilderness.

“They must expect people to get naughty in a place like this,” Farrah said.  She didn’t actually process the words until they were out of her mouth, but once she heard them her whole body went stiff.  “Oh, I didn’t mean us.  I didn’t mean…”

“You didn’t?”  Lane stepped onto the Persian rug, brushing his fingers down her forearms.  Even through the fabric of her dress, she could feel his fingertips, feel their heat and their want.  “Really?  Because I… I’ve thought about you quite a lot over the years, especially since your mother told me you were living as a woman.  There was something I saw in you back then. I didn’t know what it was, although it didn’t matter because you were a teenager and I was…”

“Only seven years older,” Farrah said.  There were some things you never forgot.  “When I was sixteen, you were twenty-three.  The gap must have seemed so significant to you.  Not to me.  I loved you then. I love you now.”  She didn’t even hesitate before telling him.

“After so many years?” he asked, squeezing her hands.  “You don’t know me anymore.”

“You don’t know me at all,” she responded.  “But don’t you feel the same way?  Don’t you feel like everything in life has been building to this moment?”

Farrah could see in the blaze of his eyes that the answer was yes.

Pulling her close, Lane kissed her until her whole body felt wrapped in his warmth and desire and lust.  She whirled with emotion, with want, as his hot tongue played against hers.  It felt so wonderful to have something of his inside something of hers, and she only wished she could have more.

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