More Full Service Retailers for Wedding Heat’s Bridesmaid

(and the difference between MFM and MMF menage)

Hello, All!

Just a quick little love note to tell you Wedding Heat: Full Service Bridesmaid is now available from even more e-tailers.

You might notice, if you’re shopping around, that Full Service Bridesmaid is categorized as MFM menage some places and MMF menage other places.  Well, that’s because some stories (like this one) are a hard to classify.

Generally speaking, I’d consider MFM menage the kind of story where two men are focused on one woman and those dudes don’t want to touch, much less look at each other.  MMF menage, on the other hand, will involve men who have sex with men.  There could be touching, kissing, sucking, fucking, etc between the guys and the girl.

In Wedding Heat: Full Service Bridesmaid, our maid of honour Pippa is the centre of attention for two hunky masseurs.  The erotic activity is focused entirely on her, except (adult content warning!) when she’s wondering if Alexio’s tongue is touching Denny’s dick while he’s licking her clit.  Woo!  She can’t much move to see because her wrists are secured behind her back with Denny’s belt.  Woo-hoo!

But here’s the thing: at one point in the story, Denny identifies as bisexual and Alexio admits to having sex with men.  So these aren’t “straight guys” by any stretch of the imagination.  In this story, they just happen to be focused on Pippa’s pleasure.

So… does that make Full Service Bridesmaid an MFM story? Or MMF?  It’s tricky.

Maybe you’ll have the answer to this question once you’ve read the book, now available from:

Barnes & Noble:



Amazon UK:


Rainbow ebooks:


All Romance:


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