Release Schedule for Wedding Heat: Series One

I’ve mentioned that the Wedding Heat series was conceptualized as a guilty little escape from television, so I think of its release schedule in terms of “seasons”–like in TV.  Series one is comprised of 6 stories, all of which take place on Friday night.

It’s the first evening of Maggie and Ed’s wedding weekend retreat, and already things are hot, hot, hot with the guests! We’re overhearing some family secrets, we’re learning about these characters, and we’re wanting to know more, more, more!

For instance… when does the next story come out?  Well, there’s always a countdown to the next book’s release here at Wedding Heat Central, but here’s the full release schedule for Friday, Series One:


One in the Hand: Available Now!

In One in the Hand, the first book of Giselle Renarde’s Wedding Heat series, the bride’s aunt Cora and uncle Dan are en route to Maggie and Ed’s weekend-long wedding retreat at a luxury resort.  When Cora tries to get handsy with her hubby in the car and Dan rejects her advances, will it ruin the weekend for Cora?  Or does Dan have a naughty surprise up his sleeve?

Two in the Bush: Available Now!

Irene has been in love with her co-worker Brian for years, but she’s never worked up the courage to tell him.  When Maggie, a friend from the office, invites them to her wedding weekend at a woodland resort, Irene convinces Brian to share a room.  Just when Irene is gearing up to make her move, she stumbles upon Brian making out with a beautiful stranger, Denitsa.  Irene is crushed… until Denitsa finds a shocking way to bring the co-workers together. 

Skinny Dipping: Coming May 25, 2012

Joey’s a virgin.  That’s not the sort of thing he’d admit to most people, but when he meets Greg at his cousin Maggie’s luxury woodland wedding retreat, he finds himself freely admitting to this embarrassing quality.  Joey and Greg hit it off right away, teasing and taunting each other, but when Greg casually mentions that he’s gay, Joey isn’t sure how to react… not until a bunch of the guys strip naked for midnight skinny dipping in the man-made lake.  Something tells Joey he won’t be a virgin for long!

Pretty Cousin: Coming June 8, 2012

Vanessa’s had a crush on her cousin Maggie since before she knew what love was.  They were inseparable growing up—that is, until Vanessa came out as lesbian.  That confession sparked a rift between the girls that stretched out more than ten years

Two days before Maggie’s wedding, she meets up with Vanessa for the first time since they were teenagers and makes a confession of her own: Maggie’s mother was adopted by Vanessa’s grandparents.  They aren’t related, not by blood.  They aren’t really cousins at all.

Will Vanessa give in to her lust and try to seduce Maggie so close to the wedding?  Or will Maggie give Vanessa no choice?

MILF of the Groom: Coming June 22, 2012

The family’s been spreading vile rumours about Ellora, mother of the groom.

When Ellora overhears these rumours repeated during Friday night cocktails in honour of her son’s wedding, she flees the Boathouse bar in tears.  Luckily, there’s a young man outside with shoulders huge enough to cry on all night long.

Her son’s business partner Russ is more than just a hulking body—he’s the strong and sensitive type.  Just what Ellora needs right now.  And, though her looks have earned her the title “MILF of the groom,” Russ is the only man who makes her tremble.

But will Ellora’s fears about sharing her aging body with a younger man prevent their desires from blossoming?

If the Shoes Fit: Coming July 6, 2012

When Farrah meets up with the man she secretly loved before her transition from male to female, will he accept her as a woman without question?  Or does Lane have secrets of his own?



As always, keep an eye on for news and information!


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